Friday, December 12, 2008

The List That Never Sleeps

This is the first of what will be a recurring feature here. I'd like to focus on five NYC highlights in each post. In the future, many of these will be written by guests contributors from around the city. The first one is all me.

1) Spot for a Drink
Just a couple of nights ago, I tried the St. Andrews on 44th. Beer Menus told me they had Bellhaven on tap, so away I went. Good appetizers, nice atmosphere (a Scottish pub that plays the Pixies gets bonus points in my book), and a stellar beer selection. I drank quite a few pints of the Bellhaven Scottish Ale. I also sampled some of the Bellhaven Wee Heavy, which is a favorite.

2) Bite to Eat
I used to work over at Rockefeller Center. One of the best spots for food around there is this fantastic little halal food cart on 49th and Sixth Avenue. There are two such carts on that corner. Try the one closest to the curb. In my experience, that's the better of the two. The chicken & lamb combo platter is fantastic.

3) People Watching
Santacon! Tomorrow the streets of NYC are flooded with Santas. Want to know where? Visit the NYC Santacon website at 10 PM to find out. 

4) Historic New York
One of these days I'm going to get off my ass and actually check out one of the Big Onion walking tours of New York City. These are not your standard tourist fare, with most of the tour guides being at least grad students or doctoral candidates. They offer over a dozen different tours, each focused on a particular neighborhood or historical theme Worth taking a look at.

5) NYC Secret
Sympathy for the Kettle (109 St Marks, between First and Avenue A) isn't just a great little tea shop, but it also has the best hot chocolate known to man. Do you remember when you were a kid and your chocolate ice cream would melt? Did you ever slurp up the melty bits from the bottom of the bowl? Sympathy's hot chocolate is like that, but, you know... hot.

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  1. At least our Santa Con can use a texting service. And we get an extra hour of sleep.

    I hope you go. It is amazing.