Sunday, December 21, 2008

The List That Never Sleeps

Today's list comes courtesy of Sara from To A Bright Yellow. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy law school schedule to share your thoughts on the city.

1) Spot for a Drink
My favorite place to get a drink is Marie's Crisis in Sheridan Square.  Only for those with a Broadway diva in their hearts, on Friday nights Marie's turns into a sing-along with a pianist and some of the best amateur singers in the city.  Come prepared and know your stuff - this is as hardcore as Broadway gets.

2) Bite to Eat
Jacques Torres has three locations in the city in which he sells his magical chocolate confections.  The best is the earl grey chocolate - rich dark chocolate infused with a tea flavor.  Sounds strange, but the flavors work really well together.

3) People Watching
My favorite spot for people-watching is the 4th-floor cafe in the Lincoln Square Barnes and Noble.  There is a row of seats facing the window, and you can look down on Broadway and watch all of the cars and people go by.  

4) Historic New York
Historic New York, to me, means something a little different than it might to others.  To me, I look for the New York of my mother, who grew up in Flatbush and came into Manhattan every day for ballet lessons at the old Met.  I love going to St. Thomas' Church on 5th avenue.  My mom knew the person who installed the organ, and it has an incredibly rich, warm tone.  On Sundays at 5pm, they have free organ concerts performed by various visiting performers.  The quality and variety of the music is worth a frequent trip.

5) NYC Secret
If you take the number 6 train all the way downtown, you can take it around the loop that will turn it back into an uptown train.  They say you have to get off of the train, but you really don't.  What you will see on that loop is something very few people get to experience - the first subway station ever built in New York City.  It was the original City Hall station, with Guastavino tile ceilings and chandeliers.  Originally the gem of the subway system, they closed the station when it could no longer accomodate the number of cars on the standard subway train.  But the station is still beautiful (if decaying) and you can catch a great view from the right side of the train.

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