Thursday, February 26, 2009

35th and 36th Streets in Astoria

Forgotten NY has a nice piece on Astoria, with lots of photos. Definitely worth checking out.

While only briefly covered in the Forgotten NY piece, the Museum of the Moving Image is really a great spot in that neck of Astoria. Once they finish their renovations, I expect it will be a much stronger attraction. 

As is, it really isn't a bad spot to spend an hour or two. Especially if you like vintage arcade games. The museum's collection includes Asteroids (1979), Battlezone (1980), Berzerk (1980), Defender (1980), Donkey Kong (1981), Frogger (1981), Galaxian (1979), Gauntlet (1984), Missile Command (1980), Ms. Pac-Man (1982), Qix (1981), Space Invaders (1978), Super Breakout (1978), and Tron (1982).

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