Saturday, February 21, 2009

Drama's Tour Guide

Over the course of the last week, we had a visit from the newly christened Major Drama First Class, who is, amongst other things, a roller derby girl in San Francisco. One of the things I most enjoy about out of town guests is getting to show them around. As much as I like showing them the things I love about the city, I really enjoy the chance to see the city through their eyes as well. I find it helps me appreciate aspects of the city I might never otherwise consider.

The Astoria portion of the trip was largely covered by food from Blue Restaurant and Cup, and too many drinks at Blackbird's. We have many fond wishes for the Blackbird's waiter who is off North Carolina. Fond wishes and a complete confusion as to why anyone would ever want to live in North Carolina.

Thursday afternoon, we took some time to wander the East Village. We browsed through Trash & Vaudeville for a bit. This is probably one of my favorite stores in Manhattan. Their racks are chock full of everything you could need to dress a rock band for a world tour. Or play Rock Band at Hell Gate. I'm kind of thankful that they don't sell more things sized for me, as I'd spend even more money there than I already have. There are only so many club clothes you can own once you've crossed 30 and your club excursions are less and less frequent.

We searched for birthday gifts for Drama's boy, but came up empty. Not that we didn't find a few thousand dollars worth of outrageous shit we could have bought for ourselves (but didn't).

We stopped at the Joe Strummer mural outside Niagara. Joe wasn't a NY native, but his spirit resonates strongly with the place. I like to stop by and say hello every time I'm in Thompkins Square.

Photo from Forgotten NY, who has an excellent feature on Thompkins Square.

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