Sunday, February 22, 2009

Subkulture at Hell Gate Social

Last night was SubKulture at Hell Gate Social. For those who've never been to the bar, let me set the scene. It's way east in Astoria, at 12th St & Astoria Blvd. The exterior has this imposing and unmarked black door (a small sign with the bar name is a good 12 feet up). It has all the look of a private club. Behind that door is one of the coolest bars you'll find in the borough.

(pic via Hell Gate Social website)

Subkulture is a monthly party at Hell Gate where DJs Belladonna and Scandal spin alternative classics, punk, glam, goth, metal, post-punk, new wave, britpop, psychobilly and whatever else crosses their mind. The atmosphere is fantastic and the regulars are pretty friendly. Things seem to really start picking up around the 11:30 to Midnight time frame. I was a bit exhausted so I checked out before 1:00 last night. Next time I'd like to be less of a weenie and stick around longer. 

It's the sort of place we need a little more of in Queens (not too much more of, because I'd really rather not be Williamsburg 2 Electric Boogaloo)

I had a fantastic time last night. Definitely looking forward to the next Subkulture event.


  1. Hey Kevin...glad you enjoyed SubKulture. Thanks for supporting the night! Hope to see you at the next party on 3/21. - Belladonna

  2. Unfortunately, I've got plans for 3/21 already. Got any other nights coming up in Astoria?