Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blackbird's in Astoria

Since it opened last year, I've found myself frequently visiting Blackbird's Bar & Restaurant on 30th Ave in Astoria. They have a small, but tasty, menu and they mix a good drink.

I distinctly remember the first day I walked in there. I was tired and sunburnt from spending the day at the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, regretting the choice of wearing sandles, and as my girlfriend and I walked up 30th from the N train, we decided to stop in for a drink at the new bar on it's opening weekend. From the word go, we were made to feel at home. The service was excellent and the atmosphere was very comfortable. We've been coming back ever since.

Blackbirds has become one of my favorite spots to stop by for a drink in the afternoon. Since the bar is in a newly constructed building on the corner of 30th Ave and 42nd St, it has the luxury of having a lot more windows than the majority of bars or restaurants in the neighborhood. Plenty of natural light by day. This makes it a great spot to sit and read in afternoon while you have a few pints. Nights at Blackbirds get a bit louder, but no less welcoming.

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