Monday, January 26, 2009

This Modern World - Not So Pretty

Robot 6 just pointed out that Village Voice Media which, in addition to our local alt weekly, owns 14 other alternative newspapers across the country, has suspended the publication of its syndicated cartoons. This includes Tom Tomorrow's excellent This Modern World.

On his blog, Tomorrow indicates that he thinks this move includes VVM pulling all of its syndicated media, not only comics. This "suspension" is intended to last at least through the first quarter of 2009.

Tomorrow encourages readers to contact editors of VVM papers to express their support for comics. "Anyway, if you live in one of those cities and think this is a bad decision, you might want to share those feelings with the local editor. Politely, it should go without saying. And keep in mind: it’s not just my cartoon, it’s all of them, so put in a kind word for my compatriots while you’re at it. The only thing any of us have going for us in a situation like this is reader support."

To email Village Voice Editor in Chief Tony Ortega, click here.

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