Friday, January 23, 2009

The List That Never Sleeps

The latest installment of the List That Never Sleeps comes from John Marshall, who blogs at both Buzy Guy in da NYC and Diary of Fools. John is one of my favorite smartasses in the city.

1) Spot for a Drink 
With so many bars closing down and opening up seemingly every day, it’s been very hard for me as a twentysomething to come up with a dedicated spot for drinking. So I’ll give you two from the mind of one of the biggest NY drinkers I’ve ever known – me dear ole Dad. So go check out Nancy Whiskey or the Ear Inn for a good time.

2) Bite to Eat
I’m a burger guy and you can’t find burgers much better than they make ‘em at Jackson Hole. Of the 5 Manhattan locations, I prefer the 64th Street location for its cramped quarters and intimate feel.  

3) People Watching
A ride on any NYC subway line is definitely the best place to people watch. It’s like a giant science experiment – let’s see what happens when we jam people together in dirty corridors and add funny smells, bright lights, and loud noises. Humanity at its’ finest, I tell ya.

4) Historic New York
Albert Einstein Hospital. Birthplace of John Marshall... Okay, I’m sure that doesn’t quite qualify for landmark status so I’ll leave you this nugget. Boston Road in the Bronx actually goes to Boston!. All the way. Swear to God. Here goes the verification, care of the NYC Parks Department:

“In 1783, Lewis Morris (1726-98), an influential American political leader and landowner, created a new and final route that passed through his land, known as Morrisania in what is now the Bronx, on the way to Massachusetts. Boston Post Road remained a major postal route in New York City until the 1840s, when it was phased out following the rise in popularity of railroads for commercial transportation. In the present day, the former Boston Post Road has become U.S. Highway One from Boston to New York City; it follows Boston Road in the Bronx, and Park Avenue, the Bowery, and Broadway in Manhattan, leading to Battery Park at the island’s southern tip.”

5) NYC Secret 
They say the best way to hide something is to leave it right out in the open. With that in mind, I’ll offer up Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Packing every bit as much action and fun per square inch as Central Park, it is relatively unvisited anyone outside of its’ cozy neighborhood.

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