Sunday, January 11, 2009

NYC Inauguration Parties

We're just over a week away from the inauguration of President Barack Obama. To me, this is a far more exciting cause for a party than the Superbowl. New York's role in this election was an interesting one. I volunteered for Obama here during the brutal primaries with Hillary. Some of the arguments at that point in the campaign season were really intense, especially here, where HRC was a Senator.

It was a foregone conclusion that HRC would win Super Tuesday in New York City. But, even still, the lines at my local polling place in Astoria were astounding. Everybody seemed to know the importance of this election and the turnout was telling. In the months that followed, as Obama built up steam, New York remained a focal point, with Bloomberg's public pondering of an independent run for the White House (which would have been laughable), and one of the Presidential Debates being hosted at Hofstra.

All of the moments pale in my memory to the images of proud New Yorkers celebrating in the streets when Barack Obama was elected in November. There was one massive gathering in Harlem shown on TV that was particularly moving, but there were hundreds of smaller scenes on street corners and in bars across the five boroughs. There was an energy in the city that night which was unlike anything I had felt before. 

With all that in mind, I look forward to celebrating on the 20th. I'll be at a Move On sponsored event at Kafene in Astoria. If you're in the area, you should come. Should be fun. There has been some discussion that there will be an event in Central Park, but that doesn't seem too solid yet.

Where will you be?


  1. Southern Hospitality is having an Inauguration Celebration all day and all night long, with drink specials and a "Swearing-In" menu.

    Southern Hospitality NYC
    1460 Second Avenue (between 76th & 77th)

    Full details on

  2. The Tank is having a party (, it's by Times Square, where there will also be a street celebration.