Saturday, January 24, 2009

There Are Only Two Good Places to Eat...

...At Home & At The Blue Restaurant. That's what the menu says anyway. I suspect there may be a few other good places to eat out there, but you have to appreciate a bit of hyperbole now and then. I know that Every Restaurant in Astoria wasn't especially flattering of Blue when comparing it to neighboring diner Mini Star, but I have a real soft spot for Blue in the world of New York diners.

The food is solid diner fare and the staff is wonderful. They've recently expanded their menu offerings and while I haven't tried all of the new stuff, it looks very promising. Also of note, the menu looks a lot more professional now, no longer in Comic Sans.

I am especially fond of breakfast at Blue, and their sausage is fantastic. I'm not sure where they get it from, but it very tasty (or, to invoke my Boston roots, wicked yummy).

I admit a little bit of bias since Blue is really the first place I became a regular once moving to NYC. Over the last 3 1/2 years I've managed to move closer and closer to the diner, till now it's only right around the corner. To me, Blue Restaurant is the quintessential neighborhood diner for the 30th Ave/Steinway St area of Astoria.


  1. Blue is awesome. I'm so glad you introduced me to it!

  2. It's my neighborhood spot. I'm happy to share it with guests!