Thursday, January 22, 2009

Move On Inaugural Bash at Kafene

Tuesday night, my girlfriend and I attended Move On's Inaugural Bash at Kafene in Astoria. There was something wonderful about the energy in the room that night. The bar was packed wall to wall with Obama supporters who were buzzing with the energy of the day. We had themed champagne drinks (the Obamosa and the Michellini) as we watched CNN and a DJ played. It was fun.

That was the good. As for the less than good...

Kafene is way too "cozy" for a 60 person party. They were too packed. Between the crowding and the volume of the DJ, it was difficult to socialize with anyone who wasn't seated immediately beside or across from you at a table. The appetizers were tasty, but were both in short supply and difficult to reach with the mass of people crammed into the bar.

We chatted for a while, and looked forward to more Move On events in the neighborhood, but ultimately bailed on this one after an hour or so. I'm inclined to give Kafene a shot on a more normal occasion based on the experience and the raves of a couple of regulars we met at the party. According to the regulars, it has improved since Foodista wrote it up in April.

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