Thursday, January 29, 2009

Burgermeister Meisterburger

As a burger fan, the growing trend of burger joints in this city is one I can get behind. There is something wonderfully old-school about a burger and fries. 

Last week, John gave high marks for Jackson Hole. Five Guys is a good DC-area chain that has moved into NYC recently. Their burgers are too well done for my taste, but their fries may be the best in the city. For my money, the best burger in Manhattan has to be Burger Joint, the amazing little hole in the wall tucked inside Le Parker Meridian.

City Search gives its top ratings to Shake Shack and Island Burgers and Shakes. Both are solid, but not as good as Burger Joint.

Of note for Astorians is Petey's Burger, the relatively new 30th Ave burger spot. Their styling owes more than a little bit to In-N-Out, but since the nearest one of those is in Vegas, that's pretty OK. They serve a decent burger, and perhaps most importantly in the cold of Winter, they deliver. You can order your burger online through the Petey's website.

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